Landing Page Optimization

The Key To Profitability

Want to improve your conversion rate by improving the performance of your landing pages? We can help you achieve that goal using scientific methods of testing that have proven time and time again to bring lifts in conversion performance.

Using a system of isolating variables on your control page, we choose the variables that will get you the best conversion lift and set up the testing protocol that allows us to test multiple versions of your control page. We not only split the traffic evenly between the pages, but we’re constantly checking and double checking the validity of the test. What good is running a test if the testing sample is not representative of the population?

Optimizing the landing page is not a project unto itself. In order to truly optimize the landing page, we also analyze the campaign’s keywords, the ads, the lander’s design and copy, and any pages that follow. If the lander is just another step in a multi-step conversion process, we’ll still need to optimize the form as well as the other pages in the buying funnel.

Our Process:

  • Discuss your business goals and objectives
  • Analyze any historical data you possess that can inform us of visitor intent
  • Competitor analysis
  • Pretest objectives and analysis
  • Design wireframe and content approval
  • Campaign setup and check
  • Run test(s) until validity achieved
  • Look over test results to decide winner of test
  • Draw conclusions from test and learn everything we can.
  • Use winner as control
  • Start process again

We place a scientifically proven method of testing at your disposal so that you are able to consistently move forward on a path that will allow you to meet and then surpass your business goals.

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